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"reWealth is the secret weapon of responsible redevelopers, successful real estate investors, and effective community leaders."

              - George L. Ochs, Managing Director, Global Real Assets, JP Morgan (London)

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"This is the book world leaders should be talking about! ...they will find the path to revitalizing our economy, restoring our environment, and renewing the quality of our lives.

              - Bill Leary, former Director of Natural Resources, White House Council on Environmental Quality

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"All national politicians and community leaders should be forced to read reWealth."

              - George Canetti, Senior Business Developer, Ameresco Canada

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"Revitalization guru Storm Cunningham's new book contains your future. I was hooked by the time I'd finished the Introduction."

              - Will "Korky" Koroluk, Construction Columnist, Daily Commercial News

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"Every business and government executive in the world needs to read this book twice! Absolutely brilliant..."

              - Eric Garland, CEO, Competitive Futures, Inc., and author of Future, Inc.

Storm Cunningham's revolutionary 2008 book, reWealth, is available from McGraw-Hill.

It's the guide for sustainable, green revitalization: attracting investment to distressed communities, and creating successful public-private partnerships for regenerative growth. If you're an entrepreneur, investor, professional, or a community leader, this book can help you thrive in these tough economic times.  Discover how to restore our world for a a labor of love, or for profit.

The Foreword is by William Hudnut, III, former 4-term Mayor of Indianapolis, and Senior Resident Fellow at the Urban Land Institute.

reWealth! can be purchased in hardcover or Kindle at all fine bookstores worldwide, and is available from most online booksellers.


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About the author

Storm-BW2Please click here to view the biography on Storm Cunningham’s public speaking website.

Storm is Executive Director of RECONOMICS Institute in Washington, DC, and Editor of REVITALIZATION: The Journal of Urban, Rural & Environmental Resilience.

Since 2002, Storm has been helping public and private leaders worldwide understand:
1) the community/regional economic revitalization process, and
2) how to strategically position their career, or their organization, within that process.