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Storm's groundbreaking
3rd book is coming in 2015!
RESILIENT PROSPERITY: How Adaptive Renewal is Creating Secure, Inclusive, Green Economies.

 A guide for local governments, universities, foundations, and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

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Storm Cunningham's revolutionary 2008 book, reWealth, is available from McGraw-Hill. 

It's the guide for sustainable, green revitalization: attracting investment to distressed communities, and creating successful public-private partnerships for regenerative growth.

If you're an entrepreneur, investor, professional, or a community leader, this book can help you thrive in these tough economic times.  Discover how to restore our world for a living...as a labor of love, or for profit.


The Foreword is written by William Hudnut, III, former 4-term Mayor of Indianapolis, and Senior Resident Fellow at the Urban Land Institute.


reWealth! can be purchased in hardcover or Kindle at all fine bookstores worldwide, and is available from most online booksellers.

Note from Storm:

The "reWealth!" title--and the silly exclamation mark--were insisted on by the publisher. I wanted to call it "Revitalizing", which is what it's about.



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